FRI | 7.12., 14 – 19.30 h WORKSHOPS
Systemic Constellations about Guilt and Debt

Systemic Constellations are images of a system that are placed in space by the clients with the help of representatives. The image that is created brings certain dynamics to light, especially unconscious ones. Feedback of the representatives and targeted interventions by the constellation facilitator are meant to lead to an image of resolution in which each member of the system has a good place. In this context, the constellation work is carried out as an experimental, performative form of action.

14 – 16.30 h | WORKSHOP I
Hunter Beaumont: “Subjective Effects of Bonding, Guilt and Feelings of Guilt”

Using a video from a systemic constellation, the workshop will explore important themes, hypotheses and implications of the systemic perspective. Hunter Beaumont, clinical psychologist and systemic therapist, is the Founding President of the International Systemic Constellations Association as well as the program director of the annual International Intensive Workshop in Family Constellations. He is a member for life of the American Psychological Association (APA) and a member of the German Psychological Association.

17 – 19.30 h | WORKSHOP II
Rica zu Salm-Rechberg und Wanda Golonka: “Transgenerative Transfer of Guilt and Debts – a Finite Story?”

Rica zu Salm-Rechberg is a supervisory therapist for System Constellations (DGfS), a systemic therapist and health practitioner for psychotherapy. The dancer Wanda Golonka developed a new structure for the further development of energy medicine with the founding of WAKA, comprising an international ensemble of healers.

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