THU | 6.12.

THU | 6.12., 18 h OPENING
Bernd M. Scherer & Thomas Macho

THU | 6.12., 18.30 h LECTURE
Maurizio Lazzarato: “The Making of the Indebted Man”
The economics disciplines hold that money and the market have liberated humanity from debt. In fact, capitalism has introduced the concept of infinity to economics and to the servicing of debts.

Maurizio Lazzarato, sociologist and philosopher, focuses on the ontology of work.

Afterwards SHORT FILM
“Bonds – Debt. Bond. Histories.” Short Film by Sasha Pirker in cooperation with Irini Athanassakis (2012)
Debt has seemingly always existed, as have the various methods of dealing with it. Its securitization and associated marketability has led to the emergence of a multitude of highly diverse debt instruments. Inspired by visual material of the historical debt instruments from the “Wertpapierwelt” museum (Olten, Switzerland), selected by Irini Athanassakis, Sasha Pirker seeks to find a new form for bonds.

THU | 6.12., 19.30 h TALK
Peter Eigen & Thomas Macho: “What is Corruption? Guilt, Debts and Older Liabilities“
In current debates concerning guilt an debt, there are frequently claims of corruption. What is corruption, how does it work and how can it be reduced?

Peter Eigen is the founder and former chairman of Transparency International; Thomas Macho, director of the “BONDS” project, is Professor for Cultural History at Humboldt-Universität, Berlin.

THU | 6.12., 20.30 h OPENING
“Cancelling Debts”: Cartography by Bureau d’Etudes

Afterwards: RECEPTION