THU | 6.12., 18 – 22 h, FRI + SAT | 7. + 8.12., 10 – 22 h CARTOGRAPHY
“Cancelling Debts”: Cartography by Bureau d’Etudes

To what extent does one’s own existence fracture between practices of omnipresent accounting and ongoing ideas of existential debt? Is it possible to transform one’s power of judgment, mental and social dynamics, ethics, sexual relations or relations between peoples into debit and credit? How has the relationship between creditor and debtor – or, more precisely, the subordination of the latter to the former – led to new social and mental orders, and how long is this state to last? How could existence be positioned opposite a seemingly universal accounting – in order to free that which defies it, fights against it, displaces borders and breaks its unyielding laws?

On the basis of these questions, Bureau d’Etudes will attempt to position various dimensions of debt and guilt in the foyer of Haus der Kulturen der Welt by installing a large-scale walkable cartography. The placement of these exhibits within an expanded context is meant to maximize the comprehensibility and clarity of the information presented.